All donations to the Lions of Michigan Foundation are used to help people in Michigan who have unmet needs for medical care and other quality of life issues.  Call 517-887-6640 or click here to send us an email for more information on how you can help.


Bequests – a bequest is the most frequent type of planned gift made to a charity.  Your estate receives a charitable deduction for the full amount given, so your heirs pay not estate tax on the gift.

Charitable Gift Annuities – a charitable gift annuity is a contract between the donor and the charity where the donor contributes cash or property to the charitable organization, and the charity agrees to pay the donor or designee a specified income for life.

Charitable Remainder Trusts – a charitable remainder trust is created when a donor transfers property to a trust and provides payment of either a fixed amount or a percentage of the net assets of the trust annually.  The income is paid over the life of the beneficiaries.

Charitable Lead Trusts – in a charitable lead trust, the donor transfers property to a trust that distributes income to one or more charitable organizations for a defined term.  After the income period, the remaining net assets either revert to the donor or transfer to a  non-charitable designee.

Donor Advised Funds – a donor(s) advised fund enables the donor to make a deductible contribution to a publicly-supported charity for a particular purpose.  The donor(s) retain management (advisory) control over the funds.  The charity is legally obligated to make all attempts to carry out the wishes of the donor(s).